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Proposal for complete day: day and evening excursions Program:


10:00 am - Meeting and pick up at your hotel/apartment

Excursion + Lunch

4:00 pm - Return to the hotel


During the day we will visit the city, its most beautiful historical sites and the places inextricably linked to tango.


In the afternoon we will take you to selected stores to buy shoes, CDs, clothes, books. We will stop for a ritual coffee in one of the wonderful and ancient cafés dedicated to the most famous tango composers or/and we will go to a friendly and fun afternoon milonga.


4:00 – 20:00 - Time to rest (you will need it!)


20:00 – 2:00 am - Pick up for a pre-milonga lesson + dinner (at the milonga) + milonga


The evenings are spent in the fascinating and exciting night milongas where, in addition to dancing, you will see performances by wonderful dancers and extraordinary live orchestras.

You will have the opportunity to take lessons with many local professionals, make friends with many dancers and dance your best tandas.


If accompanied by our guide, you will be welcomed as friends and get close to the daily life of the tango people of Buenos Aires. It will be an all-round experience, which will amaze and move you.


It will also be our pleasure to make you capable and independent in the city and give you the street knowledge you need to manage the great metropolis of Buenos Aires so that you can continue your journey autonomously and serenely afterward.


FEE FOR THE PACKAGE: $ 650 for the couple (special offer valid till October 15, 2019).




✔ Private Airport Transfer - Hotel

✔ 5 days of accompanying the tango guide with a personalized program of lessons and milongas according to your style and level of dance.

✔ Entrance to 1 milonga per day

✔ Entrance to 1 lesson (premilonga, when available)

✔ 1 Spanish lesson: travel and milonga vocabulary

✔ 1 lesson on the codes of milongas and tango styles in Buenos Aires

✔Tango Shopping Tour

✔ Sightseeing of the most important neighborhoods and tango neighborhoods

✔ 1 metro (Sube) card for the subway and buses (with 100 pesos of credit included)

✔ Informational material: Map of milongas and map of the city, tango guide

✔ Local currency exchange for your first days, so you will have pesos from day 1

✔Assistance in arranging private lessons with local teachers 



Meals and taxis inside the city.



Proposal for half-day: evening tango concierge


We can also accompany you only at night during your first days, or after the 5 days of your complete day program. Having a local tango guide during your milonga outings will help to make your experience much more enjoyable, ensuring you to select the best-attended milongas, mingle with the local crowd, and simply have much more fun.



10:30 pm - Meet directly at the selected milonga

We will have a reserved table, welcome you with a drink and accompany you for the entire milonga experience. The guide will put you up to speed with the secret of the tango code, the local stars and introduce you to friends and acquaintances. As a result, you will have many more chances to dance with local dancers and improve your tango.


Cost: $40 per couple, entrance to milonga and welcome drink included. (offer valid till October 15, 2019)

Our "Guida Tanguera"


Simona was born in Italy and has recently moved to Argentina to deepen her tango studies. A nomad by nature, she has lived in the United States, Spain and Italy, where she has always made a point of pride to know the culture like a local. In Buenos Aires, she dedicates herself to unveiling the city for her friends coming from the US, accompany them, providing advice, and creating experiences that will make their visit unforgettable. She has been dancing tango for the past 10 years.


Marianna is also Italian, and has been guiding groups in Buenos Aires since 2014. She is a milonga organizer, a tango teacher, and a people lover, and dedicates herself to welcoming tourists in the city and showing them the real and most tango friendly side of Buenos Aires.

She has been dancing tango for the past 17 years.


Milonga Concierge

In Buenos Aires, multiple milongas are hosted at any time of the day and in multiple locations at the same time. Where is best to go is the usual question you will be asking yourself at the moment you are getting ready to go out. Only who has been to most of them and has danced there can provide the right advice on which event to attend, according to your level of dancing, your age, gender, preferences, and style.

Guida Tanguera will also assist you during the milonga: who are the best and most friendly dancers? What code is appropriate to use during this event? Where is best to sit? All these questions and more will be answered for you, so you can focus on just enjoying yourself.


We are experts in guiding small groups of dancers with a program designed to help enjoy the city and the dance scene at the maximum.

Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps and even the tango offering is so diverse that, especially at the beginning of your stay, you could get overwhelmed by the numerous choices. With our guidance, you will be able to enjoy the entire experience, crafted according to your dance level, desires, and travel style.


City & TangoTour

During the morning we will visit the city: neighborhoods, parks, monuments, theaters, historic cafés and tango houses. We will see the art dedicated to tango: murals and statues scattered throughout the city.


We will have the opportunity to see tango performances and concerts in the street, milongas and folklore in the squares, eat the empanadas and the asado and all the local dishes.


Tango Shopping 


In the afternoon we will go shopping for tango in the best clothes and shoes stores for men and women.


Contact: Simona 

Whatsapp: +54 9 11 65387839


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